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Haier TV backlight Strip

Haier TV backlight Strip

Can the TV backlight be replaced?

Yes. Replacing a faulty TV backlight is easy. All you need is a screwdriver, flexible LED strip, wires and a soldering iron.

Notes on Haier Tv Backlight Replacement:

TV model numbers are for reference only, not necessarily accurate, because sometimes different batches of TVs use different light bars

We always recommend that you open the TV case to confirm that the backlight strip is consistent with our product.

If you have not turned on the TV, we recommend you compare TV models. The model number of the TV is on the nameplate on the back of the TV.

We will not be responsible if you do not confirm the model of the backlight bar according to the model of the TV.

Consistent with 0riginal, brand new without modification, easy to install.