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Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

OEM&ODM Services

OEM & ODM & JDM Service

Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.  specializes in the design and manufacturing services of LED Backlight Bars, LED Backlight Strips, Tv Backlight Replaces, and Commercial display Backlight products according to customers' requests. In addition to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services, we offer original design manufacturing (ODM) and joint design manufacturing (JDM), including full services of Backlight PCB design, electronic engineering development, manufacturing, and after-sales services.

OEM/ODM Service Flow:

1. New project initiation -- Over all project discussion -- Define exact product specification -- Quotation

2. Research and Design -- Design and development of prototype at R&D center -- Sample full function tester

3. Manufacturing -- Batch manufacturing at ISO certified factory -- Production assembly

4. Quality Control/Assurance -- Test by quality assurance lab -- Full function test of every manufactured item

5. Service and support -- Logistic services -- After-sales support

One-stop Solution and 100% On-time Delivery

With years of accumulated expertise and experience, the company has built advanced core technology and a one-stop solution service. Through our process-oriented culture, operational discipline, as well as our speed and flexibility, we strive to deliver at 100% on-time to customer requests.

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