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Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Worldwide Agents Wanted

Worldwide Agents Wanted

As a domestic lamp brand providing direct selling mode, GCI sincerely invites partners with resources and strength all over the country to undertake the business of various lamps and lanterns of GCI

Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Xieyuanxin Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., As a global specialist in TV Parts (backlight Bar) with operations on six continents, established in 2014, develops, designs, and manufactures products to provide Led Backlight Strips & Bars solutions worldwide.

With big manufacturer scale, advanced technology, apprehensive sales network and professional service team, EverExceed is the ideal partner for entrepreneurship and development. XYX Backlight always keeps reasonable prices, stable quality, and good brand image on their products, and optimizing channels, services and network integration, to create great profit space for their partners, so that we make leaps and bounds on our global marketing. Now we are recruiting the channel partners globally if you are…

● Consultants & Engineer

● TV assembly factory

● TV parts & accessories dealer

● TV maintenance engineer

● TV parts store

● TV designer & developer

Customised Marketing & Technical Support to Grow Your Business

● Partners can consult problems about the product function, the technical solutions, marketing skills, management services by the methods of telephone, tax, Internet declaration, email and door to door services.

● Arrange regular or irregular training to enable partners master EverExceed technology, management, marketing and service mode.

● Provide the data download, marketing and service instruction manual.

● Support public relations and promotional activities undertaken by partners and appoint market operations personnel door service untimely.

● Provide special support like bid consulting, writing tenders and solution services for partner's major projects

The advantage of XYX Backlight channel partners

● Help your business development

● Offer you sales promotions

● Answer your technology questions

● Support your sales program

● Design the backlight solutions

Everything is possible!

Being a partner means that you are also a global industry leader,XYX Backlight keeps growing and creating prosperity together with the partners around the world...

For more information, welcome to enquiry from our marketing department: cherry@ledbacklightbar.com

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