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How much does it cost to fix backlight on LG TV?

Aug. 12, 2022

How much does it cost to fix backlight on LG TV? 

It costs between $100 and $125 to replace one LED backlighting strip, including all necessary components and labor. Repairing older TVs is more expensive.

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LG TV Backlight Bar 43 UJ 6900

How do I change the backlight on my LG TV? 

Press the SMART button on the remote control and select Settings > PICTURE.

Select the screen setting: Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Color, or Tint.

Adjust the setting by pressing the BACK button or the THUMBWHEEL button on the remote control.


Why does my LG TV have a blue tint? 

A defective OLED panel might cause a permanent blue tint, but this should be obvious when taking the TV out of the box. Why does my LG smart TV look blue? If you have a blue tint on your LG TV, go to All Settings > Picture on your TV. Select Picture Mode Settings > Picture Mode, and then select Cinema or Cinema Home.


Why does my LG TV blackout sometimes? 

Several issues can cause your LG TV to have a black screen. Updating firmware, ensuring power to the TV, and ensuring cables are plugged in correctly will resolve most issues. Power cycling the TV or unplugging for a moment often resolves a black screen, resetting the TV functions.


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Why does my TV keep fading to black?

Replace the HDMI cable as it may have a short or another defect which causes the black screen issue. Unplug the TV for 5 minutes to attempt a reset. Unplugging the TV will reset the television and clear any temporary issues. Factory reset of the TV to resolve the issue.


Why is my TV screen black but I can hear it?

Check your TV settings to see if it is on power saver mode. If it is on a power saver, your screen will automatically power off while the sound is still active. Hence, if your TV has this feature, we recommend that you disable the power saver mode or Energy save mode to ensure no interruptions while viewing.


How do you know if your TV backlight is broken?

To see if your TV's backlight is causing the problem, make sure your TV is on, and turn off the lights in the room. Shine a flashlight on the screen to see if there’s a picture. If you can see a picture with the flashlight, then your TV's backlight is burnt out.


How do you fix a TV with no picture but has sound?

Unplug the TV cord from the power socket. Leave it unplugged and while it’s unplugged press and hold the Power button on the TV for 25 seconds. Release the power button and plug the cord back in. Turn ON the TV using the remote control or manually and check if there’s picture on the Screen.


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