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Why You Need a TV Backlight

Sep. 14, 2022

Whether you're addicted to great movies, spend all day playing console games, or want stunning visualizations for the music you listen to, the action never leaves the TV. Everything you see is limited by the bezel holding the 45-inch (or more) screen in place.

Why You Need a TV Backlight


A TV backlight changes all that.

Instead of being limited by physical constraints, a backlight creates the illusion of the world on your TV spilling over into the real world. LEDs glow red, blue, yellow, dark, and light, creating an immersive experience.


While unsuitable for news and current affairs shows, a backlight can considerably enhance movies, TV drama, and especially video games. Subtle glows matching the colors at the edge of your TV screen look even better in a dark room.


With the latest TV backlight systems, the LEDs can match the movement on-screen, too, ensuring that the colors glowing on the wall behind your TV (a white wall is best) are truly immersive.

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